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  • Thinking of starting a small business

    making and delivering custom-built PCs to clients. My friend and i enjoy making computers for people we know for free. but im thinking we could really have a good thing here. Make COMPLETELY original computers, case and all, for a price for clients…

    what do you guys think?

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  • Ok universe, i get it.

    I’m not allowed to have fun. So sorry for that, ill go be a monk now.

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  • Hell yeah. I now have a Canon 600D… time to get good at photography :/ (Taken with instagram)

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  • The more i think about it, and the more i look at it…

    … The more it becomes apparent that women seem to treat men like cattle. Like nothing more than something to do when bored.

    Either they go for a douche-bag or someone who isn’t interested (or generally a challenge to “get”), or lead guys on just for the fun of it. I know not all women are like this, but most that i know are, and it sickens me.

    You know what sickens me even more, though? The fact that even though i know this, and even though i find it appalling; i still take part in the chase, i still grasp any opportunity to be with a woman i am interested in or lust after, even if i know its futile.

    After all, what am i if not a man? A single-minded beast that will follow any trail of breadcrumbs laid in front of me. I loath myself for it, yet i crave it like the air i breath.

  • Phillip Island was a pretty big thing for me. It came to mark a change in my routine, lifestyle, and goals… a few things became clear to me during that trip, and plenty more things came to question.

    This is one of the moments that defined this trip, and divided both the zable of the past, and the zable of times to come.


  • Started a minecraft server with my friends.

    It’s nothing special, just a small village running off of a server program on my PC, but i’m really excited about playing this game proper with all my friends, making a town, spelunking into the depths, and just mucking about…

    if you want to use this seed for yourself, follow the instructions here

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  • when you listen to old songs

    and they take up new meaning

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